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(Editor:Jakeythedude 8/7/2015)

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After playing and completing Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012), I found myself so astronomically disappointed, that I felt it necessary to write a review. This is my first review and it’s going to be a fairly negative one, so if you’re looking for a positive happy review look elsewhere, ha-ha.


There is none. Now before you say “It’s a racing game, it doesn’t need a story.” I’m not looking for a polished fantastic story; I’m looking for an acceptable and mildly interesting reason for the racing. The 2005 iteration of Most Wanted had a story. You got played, lost your car and fought to get it back. Each racer had a bio and personality. Rog and Mia would call in and give you intel and tips. Razor would call and talk trash to you. There isn’t any personality in this game though; the only voice you get is the Autolog woman. The Blacklist racers are nameless and faceless. You are essentially taking down empty cars. You are basically dropped into a vast world and told racing is big in this city, become the best. No motivation is given to you. That was my biggest gripe with this aspect of the game.


The gameplay is a mixed bag, the actual racing is fine. It’s a Criterion game through and through. The handling on the cars is good and it feels like a good arcade racer. The decline starts with the “Crashed” screen. Every time you crash it takes you into a little cinematic screen that tells you that you crashed. It usually averages about 5 seconds, but I have seen it drag on to 8-9 seconds or so several times. It’s highly annoying (at least to me). I’d much prefer crashing and being able to reverse and fix the car myself, as opposed to an obnoxious screen that takes you out of the gameplay. 

The Rubber-banding of the AI in the game is pretty extreme as well, although it does go both ways and keeps them from getting too far ahead of you. I rarely beat a race in 1st place by more than several car lengths. It’s discouraging as the game doesn’t reward you with a good lead for driving well. The Blacklist racers pose no challenge and are easier than standard races.

The EasyDrive menu is an interesting idea that works for the most part. I enjoyed being able to swap performance parts on the fly. Mildly annoying however, is the fact that at the beginning of races and immediately after races you are unable to open either the EasyDrive menu or the Start Menu for 10-15 seconds. This means no pausing or anything until it autosaves, which to me seems unpolished and without thought. Also in the start menu I noticed it tends to hop more than one option at a time, which leads to picking the wrong thing; then you are forced to back out completely to re-select what you need. 

There are plenty of races in the game, however they do get recycled from car to car and it may get a bit dull if you are playing for fun past the achievements. One problem I had was that there is only 5 races per car (excluding most wanted races). So you never really get to pick a car and really get to love it. I remember using between 2-3 cars for the entire 2005 NFS: Most Wanted, and really getting the feel for them and perfecting driving with them. There is too much swapping between cars in this game. Also disappointing is the lack of any reward besides a car when you take down Blacklist racers; it was enjoyable to pick rewards after beating them in the original (ie. Performance/Visual parts or a random surprise).

Police chases in this game are boring, mainly because they are completely unnecessary. There are no milestones for cop chases, no bounty, nothing. It awards you speeds points just like the races do, but races are way more effective for gathering speed points, not that you are ever going to be short and in need of speed points. To further break the function of police in this game, they chose to give you absolutely no penalty for being busted. There are no more exciting, exhilarating moments where you are fleeing the police. No more impound strikes and fees. No cost to state and interesting challenges or stats to look at. It feels lifeless and completely tacked on. If you’d rather get back to racing and be on your way, pull over and end the cop chase.

Another large complaint is that all cars are available from the start. You just have to find the jack spot and it’s yours. This inhibits any sense of progression. There is no money to be earned, to buy new cars, and all upgrades are free. It just feels empty and without any sense of accomplishment.

Customization is pretty much non-existent. You are able to unlock and equip several performance parts such as, off-road tires, reinforced chassis, and burn nitrous as well as the pro version of each; however there very limited options and no visual customization options at all and the only way to change anything is driving through a repair station which changes your paint color. This was a huge disappointment for me.

Lastly the races are fine and you have your standard circuit, sprint, cop evasion and checkpoint races. I had wished that they would have included a few drag and drift races to break up the monotony however.


The graphics are very nice on the surface level. Cars look good, and the city can be stunning at times. Nice smaller details are appreciated like being blinded slightly by the sun when coming out of tunnels and the dirt flying up when off-road. I did however encounter times when I’d crash over a guardrail and sink through the ground, resulting in unpleasant visuals and even occasionally I’d fall through the map and free-fall until I respawned. Overall, I do not have much complaint in this area.


It’s fairly average; the cars sound good, and the sound effects of crashing, drifting and various other things all sound good. The soundtrack is rather small and not much to my taste, however there are a few good songs to be found. It does become repetitive within several hours though and I found I muted the music after a short while. The police sounds did feel a tad lackluster. I missed hearing them make calls over the radio and hint at their next move; although they did do it to a degree it was much less than the original Most Wanted.


From the little I played of it, I enjoyed myself. There are tons of events and activities to do with a lobby of players. Online free-roam is fun and I enjoyed goofing around with a friend. This aspect of the game really shines. Friendly competition is also supported heavily. Billboards scattered across the city in both single-player and online modes display scores above them, comparing you with your friends. It’s a nice feature and I enjoyed it. This is the only area of the game I could see myself wanting to spend more time.

Summary and Final Thoughts:

This game is nothing like the first; it threw out all the good aspects of the original. The game feels rushed and unpolished. It feels watered down and devoid of any originality or creativity. After reading good reviews from all around I came into this game with high hopes and was sorely disappointed. The single-player is completely uninspired and boring. The multiplayer is the savior of this game in my opinion. It’s pretty easy as far as achievements go, with only a couple being mildly grindy.

- Good online
- Autolog
- Visuals
- Simple achievements

- No story
- No customization
- Police Chases
- Lack of Challenge
- Rubber-banding
- Crash Screen
- Repetitive soundtrack
- Free Cars and Upgrades
- No sense of Progression

Overall I found very little in this game to enjoy , but it was still mildly fun at times. I give it a 5/10 – Painfully Average

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